Head Molding Practice (HMP) Among Pakistani Women visiting SHL

  • Aman Saadat Syan Medical Officer, BHU Sheikhupura
  • Awais Mustafa Medical Officer DHQ Hospital, Sheikhupura
  • Muhammad Akhtar Parvez Assistant Professor, Community Medicine, Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad
Keywords: Head Molding Practices, Socioeconomic status, Prevalence, Skull shaping


Background: Our research indicates that infant head molding, the application of pressure or bindings to cranial bones to alter their shapes, is prevalent among various Caribbean, Latino, European, African, American, Asian, and Native American groups. Intentional modification of the infant's head has been commonly practiced at all times and in virtually every region of the inhabited world. This   practice is very common in Pakistan too. Objectives were to find out the prevalence of head molding and different socio- culture beliefs regarding this. The desired shape was achieved by repeated hand massage, or by using devices like cardboards, which were applied throughout infancy. Methods: This was an observation descriptive study, where 61 mothers were enrolled at SHL. The exclusion criteria contain females without informed consent and all unmarried women. Socio-demographic characteristics were statistically assessed with the prevalence of HMP. Results: The mean age of women was 31.6 + 5.4. The HMP prevalence was 80.3% of the women. 50.8% women belong to a separate family system and 49.2% were from middle class income families and 44.3% were with low class families. 41.2% of the women were doing HMP under the influence of her mother, where as 31.4% under other elders and 27.5% under the influence of mother in law. We observe the reasoning for MPH is to beautify the head of child (79.6%) and only 16.3% to maintain the shape of head. 70.5% of the women adopt this with their consent. Conclusion: The HMP is more prevalent in Pakistani mothers; moreover the Head molding methods, the socioeconomic status and family significantly influenced procedures and duration.

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Syan, A., Mustafa, A., & Parvez, M. (2017). Head Molding Practice (HMP) Among Pakistani Women visiting SHL. Annals of Punjab Medical College (APMC), 11(1), 60-62. https://doi.org/10.29054/apmc/2017.247