Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Diabetics Regarding Their Foot Care

  • Awais Mustafa Medical Officer DHQ Hospital, Sheikhupura
  • Majid Iqbal Medical Officer, BHU Wandala Nasir, Sheikhupura
  • Muhammad Akhtar Parvez Assistant Professor, Community Medicine, Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad
Keywords: Diabetes, Foot ulcer, Knowledge, Practice


Background: Diabetes Mellitus is widely prevalent in Pakistan. Ulceration of foot is one of the major health problems among diabetics. Our study was aimed at assessing the knowledge, attitude and practices of diabetics regarding foot care. Objectives: To determine the frequency of diabetics taking care of their foot and its impact on foot health. Study Design: Cross sectional study. Study Duration: 1 month Setting: Diabetes Management Center, Services Hospital, Lahore. Methodology: 90 patients who were known cases of diabetes mellitus were interviewed after taking verbal consent using self-administered, pre-tested questionnaire. All participants were selected randomly. Data was analyzed using SPSS 21. Results: The mean age of respondents was 57 years. About 86.6% respondents had good knowledge and 12.1% had poor knowledge about foot care. Most of respondents had good practices for foot care. Sex, education and income per capita had shown significant statistical association with knowledge and practices regarding foot care. Conclusion: Foot care knowledge and practice was significantly high among our study population. Many diabetics have basic knowledge regarding the diabetic foot ulcers. Media based education especially TV ads are the most effective means of educating diabetics regarding such risks and hazards.

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Mustafa, A., Iqbal, M., & Parvez, M. A. (2017). Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Diabetics Regarding Their Foot Care. Annals of Punjab Medical College, 11(1), 43-47.