Processing and Peer Review

Research articles are processed on first come first serve basis. After submission of an article, it is evaluated by the Editor / Editorial Board. After initial evaluation, article will peer reviewed by well reputed international experts in relevant field. If it fulfills all the criteria for the publication it is placed in further process line. Processing time is generally 3 weeks to 3 months subject to in time quick response of peer reviewer as well as author of the article in making the article eligible for publication. After fulfilling the criteria for the publication of article, the articles are published on first come first serve basis.

Apeal Process

In case of disatisfaction of discision regarding misconduct, an apeal may be logged to Editor, Annals of Punjab Medical College. Editor will reevaluate degree of misconduct and justification given by the author / any other. If Editor will be satisfied he will refer it to the chief editor. Chief Editor will approve it in case he agrees or he will refer it to a committee comprising of members of the editorial board for final evaluation and discision.