CT Brain Profile and its Utilization in Patients presenting in Emergency and its Impact on Health and Economy: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study

  • Zafar Ali Choudry Vice Chancellor, Professor of Surgery, Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad Pakistan
  • Mohammad Adil House Officer, DHQ Hospital, Sargodha Pakistan
  • Hira Bukhari House Officer, Faisalabad Pakistan
  • Sara Gill Women Medical Officer, Department of Radiology, DHQ Hospital, Chiniot Pakistan
  • Anjum Mehdi Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, Wapda Hospital, Faisalabad Pakistan
Keywords: CT Brain, CT health hazards, CT financial burden, Glasgow coma scale


Background: Struggling healthcare systems of developing countries like Pakistan have to balance the patient load with financial burden in maximum benefit of patient. Unnecessary CT brain although relatively economical and less time taking should be avoided owing to its negative impact on health and economy. This study is based on data obtained from CT request form of Allied Hospital Faisalabad, Pakistan and analyzed in terms of proportionate wastage of financial resources of unnecessary scans. Objective: To study proportionate morbidity on CT findings and Comparison of CT scan request with clear indication and without clear indication and to calculate proportional wastage of resources. Study Design: Descriptive cross sectional. Settings: Emergency CT section, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad Pakistan. Duration: 2 Months i.e., 1st July to 31st Aug 2019. Methods: In this study, CT brain referral forms of all the patients that were referred for CT brain during 2 months period were reviewed via non probability consecutive sampling in Allied hospital Faisalabad then their CT brain findings were reviewed. Referral forms were reviewed for pattern of request they made or any CT brain indication they followed. All the patients referred were included in the study except those whose CT brain showed too many motion artifacts. Results: There were total 500 patients in this study, out of which 463 (92.6%) were having CT request slips without clinical history and 37(7.4%) were having request slip with clinical history. 164 patients had positive CT findings, whereas 336 patients had negative CT findings. Proportionate wastage of financial resources was 52% i.e., 4,70,400/rupees which is our margin of saving revenue. Conclusion: Most of the request forms are without proper clinical history and findings with many having normal CT brain, some of these scans could have been avoided, provided proper history, examination, GCS, time lapse mentioned and patient triaged accordingly, will avoid radiation and financial burden it had put on patient, hospital and state.

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Choudry, Z. A., Adil, M., Bukhari, H., Gill, S., & Mehdi, A. (2021). CT Brain Profile and its Utilization in Patients presenting in Emergency and its Impact on Health and Economy: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study. Annals of Punjab Medical College, 15(4), 216-220. https://doi.org/10.29054/apmc/2021.958