Clinico-epidemiological Study of Tetanus at District Headquarter Hospital, Faisalabad

  • Tariq Farooq Associate Professor Surgical Unit-IV DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad
  • Muhammad Faisal Bilal Lodhi Associate Professor Surgical Unit-III, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
  • Rana Israr Senior Registrar Surgical Unit-I, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
  • Muhammad Akram Assistant Professor, Surgical Unit-III, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
  • Sumera Kanwal Senior Registrar, Surgical Unit-III, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
Keywords: Tetanus, Tetanus immunization


Objectives: To study age, sex and regional frequency of tetanus. To define the status of immunization against tetanus.  To find the outcome of the treatment provided. Material and Methods: All the consecutive patients above 10 years of age with the clinical evidence of tetanus presenting at DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad were included in the study. Detailed history of the illness was obtained from the relatives. Physical examination carried out specifically looking for any evidence of injury. Associated co-morbid factors were noted and managed accordingly. Careful management of the tetanus was done in a separate unit with limited facilities.  age, 12 were of more than 40 years of age. There were 29 (72.5%) males and 11 (27.5%) females. Most of the patients (87.5%) belonged to rural areas and only 12.5% were from the urban areas. 25 patients had no knowledge about their tetanus immunization status. 15 patients gave history of tetanus immunization in the past but none of them had a booster dose within last 10 years. Conclusion: Male population belonging to rural areas is the commonest victims of tetanus. Most of them are affected during the 2nd and 3rd decades of life. There is a complete lack of knowledge about the tetanus immunization. Standard management of tetanus at dedicated centers with facilities for artificial ventilation can save many lives.

Key Words: Tetanus, Tetanus immunization

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Farooq, T., Lodhi, M. F. B., Israr, R., Akram, M., & Kanwal, S. (2009). Clinico-epidemiological Study of Tetanus at District Headquarter Hospital, Faisalabad. Annals of Punjab Medical College, 2(2), 117-120.