Lateral Pancreaticojejunostomy for Pancreatic Duct Stones

  • Khalid Munir Postgraduate Resident Surgery Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
  • Javaid Iqbal Professor of Surgery & Head of Surgical Unit-III PMC/Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
  • Sumera Kanwal Senior Registrar, Surgical Unit-III, PMC/Allied Hospital, Faisalabad.
  • Umar Mushtaq Demonstrator Physiology Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan
  • Afshan Khalid Postgraduate Resident Gynae & Obst. Allied Hospital, Faisalabad


Chronic pancreatitis is a chronic inflammation of the pancreas, which causes irreversible morphological changes and exocrine and endocrine insufficiency. Initially, pancreas becomes hard and enlarged in size due to fibrosis. Alcoholic abuse is the most common cause of the chronic pancreatitis. However familial and idiopathic groups are also well recognized. In certain parts of the tropical areas, tropical calcific pancreatitis (TCP) is common [1]. Recurrent attacks of the pain, weight loss and development of the secondary Diabetes Mellitus are few of the presentation of the chronic pancreatitis. Medical management of this condition includes, control of pain and diabetes and prescription of the pancreatic enzyme supplementation. Surgical treatment of this condition includes, celiac plexus Block, Frey’s procedure, Pancreatodudenectomy, distal Pancreatectomy and Lateral Pancreatojejunostomy. We present a case of 35 years old male who had stones in the main pancreatic duct for which Lateral Pancreatojejunostomy was done successfully.

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Munir, K., Iqbal, J., Kanwal, S., Mushtaq, U., & Khalid, A. (2009). Lateral Pancreaticojejunostomy for Pancreatic Duct Stones. Annals of Punjab Medical College, 3(1), 74-77.

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