Pattern of Cause of Death and Injuries in Unknown Dead Bodies

  • Saeed Ashraf Cheema HOD Allied Burn & Reconstructive Surgery Center Faisalabad. FMU/Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
Keywords: Unknown body, forensic identification, pattern of injuries, cause of death


Aims and Objectives: To establish the identify and to study the pattern of injuries and cause of deaths in these cases. Study Design:  Retrospective Study. Setting: Autopsy unit of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Department Faisalabad Medical University Faisalabad, Pakistan. Duration of Study: 3 year from 1-1-2013 to 31-12-2015. Sample Size: 134 cases

Sampling Technique: Convenient Sampling. Data Collection Procedure: Unknown dead bodies brought in autopsy unit of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology department of Faisalabad Medical University Faisalabad during the period of three years 2013 to 2015. Data regarding these cases was compiled from the postmortem reports, Police papers and limiting counseling with different Investigating officers and Forensic Experts. Results: The number of cases were 134/1007 cases out of which 80% male 20% were female and most vulnerable age group is 21-50 years and maximum cases were reported in summer session. In maximum cases, death was due to vehicular injuries 23 (17.1%), gunshot deaths were 18(13.4%) and by blunt means, 10 cases (7.46%) 18 cases (13.4%) were by poisoning and 2 cases (1.4%) where due to Ischemic heart disease while in 23 cases (17.1%) were declared undetermined (negative autopsy), Conclusion: The identification and cause of death can be find out by keen attention and interest of Forensic Experts and investigating officer along with the help of DNA and finger printing techniques.

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