Incidence of Rifampicin-Resistant Strains in Pediatric Cases Newly Identified with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

  • Saleem Ahmed Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, University College of Medicine, Lahore Pakistan
  • Qazi Mumtaz Ahmad Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, King Edward Medical University/ Mayo Hospital, Lahore Pakistan
  • Tazeem Akhtar Professor of Community Medicine, University College of Medicine & Dentistry University of Lahore, Lahore Pakistan
  • Muhammad Usman Registrar, Department of Pediatrics, The Children's Hospital & University of Child Health Sciences, Lahore Pakistan
  • Sobia Al Rehman Medical Officer Pediatric Emergency, Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore Pakistan
  • Muhammad Rashid Ayub Professor, Department of Pediatric Medicine, Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore Pakistan
Keywords: Antibiotics, Tuberculosis, Pediatric, Resistance, Susceptibility, Rifampicin, Drug-resistant, Bacterial pathogens


Background: To assess the effect of rifamycin prevalence which create resistant in newly diagnosed pediatric patients having pulmonary infections. Objectives: This scientific research was conducted to evaluate the prevalence of antibiotics resistivity in pediatric children specifically under age. The primary antibiotics were found to be resistant when given to children at the onset of disease. The investigation was done to evaluate the efficacy of the rifamycin antibiotic as treatment option which will excite the comprehension of drug resistant tuberculosis in pediatric population under the specific age. Study Design: Cross sectional study. Settings: The study was conducted in Children Hospital, Lahore Pakistan. Duration: The study was conducted duration the time period staring from 24 May 2023 to 23 November 2023. Methods: The current study was conducted under the criteria of cross-sectional information to assess the antibiotics resistant in bacterial pathogens among the chronic disease as tuberculosis patient specifically children. The evaluation was purely done on the basis of statistical analysis by using statistical tools to examine the gender base medication relevant factors involved in occurring of disease. the resistivity was identified with particular factors. The evaluation was done on behalf of statistical tools SPSS version 23. Results: The current research offers the valuable insight the prevalence of antibiotics rifamycin resistivity in the children with the disease of lungs like tuberculosis or other lungs issues regarding to bacterial infection. The suitable treatment strategies were made, and drug resistant was confirmed. Conclusion: The study undergoes the prevalence of the drug resistant bacterial infection caused by specifically limitation of drugs effectivity against bacteria. The elevated resistant rate rephasing the necessity to explore the alternativity for the effective prevention and management of drug resistant tuberculosis in pediatric patients.

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Ahmed, S., Ahmad, Q. M., Akhtar, T., Usman, M., Rehman, S., & Ayub, M. R. (2023). Incidence of Rifampicin-Resistant Strains in Pediatric Cases Newly Identified with Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Annals of Punjab Medical College (APMC), 17(4), 440-445.