Role of Plain X-Ray KUB And Renal Ultrasound in Evaluation Of Renal Colic

  • Mumtaz Ahmad Associate Professor of Urology Rawalpindi Medical College Rawalpindi
Keywords: Renal colic, X-ray KUB, enal ultrasound


Objectives: The purpose of the study was to determine the role of plain x-ray abdomen KUB and renal ultrasound in evaluation of patients with renal colic. Methods: This study was conducted in the Urology Unit of surgical department at District Headquarter Hospital Rawalpindi from January to March 2009. A total of 76 patients with the clinical diagnosis of renal colic were included in this study. All these patients initially presented in emergency with renal colic and then followed up in outdoor. After complete history and clinical examination they were investigated with, plain x-ray KUB and renal ultrasound. Findings were noted and compared with each other. Results: Out of 76 patients 57 patients (75%) were male and 19 patients (25%) were female.Male to female ratio was 3:1.Sixty three patients(83%) presented between 3rd to 5th decades of life.  Forty three patients (57%) presented with left renal colic while 33 patients (43%) presented with right renal colic. Thirty patients (40%) were diagnosed by plain x-ray KUB while 37 patients (47%) were diagnosed by renal ultrasound. When x-ray KUB and renal ultrasound were combined, diagnosis was possible in 46 patients (60%). Urolithiasis in 46 patients (60%) out of 76 patients with renal colic was diagnosed by performing x-ray KUB and renal ultrasound Conclusion: Urolithiasis, the most common cause of renal colic can be effectively diagnosed with x-ray KUB and renal ultrasound. 

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