Strangulation Injuries of The Penis

  • Muhammad Naeem, a Associate Professor of Urology Pakistan Institute Medical Sciences Islamabad
  • Muhammad Akram Resident of Urology Pakistan Institute Medical Sciences Islamabad
  • Fayyaz Haider Ali Resident of Urology Pakistan Institute Medical Sciences Islamabad
Keywords: Strangulation injuries, penis, erotic purposes


Objectives: To report the series of cases of penile strangulation injuries which were managed in our setting. Patients and Methods:  5 cases of penile strangulation were managed in our department during last five years. Three patients were admitted through emergency and 2 patients were admitted through out patient department. Complete history was taken and physical examination done. Type of strangulating agent and duration of strangulation were documented. Treatment was individualized for every patient. Results: The age range of the patients was 17 to 58 years. Duration of strangulating agent was from 24 hours to 6 months. In 1 patient, who had strangulation due to string, constricting agent divided and recovery was uneventful. Two cases having strangulation due to wheel bearing, one needed debridement of the glans and later on skin grafting of penile shaft, results were satisfactory. Other case, whose penile shaft wound was debrided, was planned for grafting but he left against medical advice. Two patients, who had amputation of glans showed satisfactory outcome after revision of stumps. Conclusion: Penile strangulation injuries are very serious leading to even loss of organ. These should be recognized early and prompt removal of strangulation agent is necessary to prevent serious complications.

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Naeem, M., Akram, M., & Ali, F. (2010). Strangulation Injuries of The Penis. Annals of Punjab Medical College (APMC), 4(2), 143-146.